At Barrington Consulting, we live where we work and we have a vested interest in helping organizations thrive. Every time we work alongside a client, we are making a positive impact for that team, that business, and that community and that’s why we do what we do. ​

​We apply our core skill sets to help organizations optimize, transform, and excel in their respective industries. Let’s work together to help you get beyond the baseline and establish your pathway for future success.


Have a problem that you need solved? Do you need to find a way to do more with less? Barrington Consulting can help you optimize your operation and get to the next level. 


Are you ready to make a change? To work differently? To do more? Barrington Consulting can help you transform and get ready for a seamless transition to the new world you envision.


Is it time to take your organization to the next level? To raise the bar and excel? Barrington Consulting can create the strategies that will position your organization as a leader and innovator in your industry.

Our Core Skills

Services & Industries
Project Management Strategy & Advisory Services Change Management Tech Success Process Improvement Business Analysis Analytics Digital Services Privacy Government Services Higher Education Healthcare Driver & Vehicle Services Intelligent Transportation Systems

Project Management

A good project manager is worth their weight in gold. They help you understand and scope your project, keep things moving along on-time and on-budget, and help you get to the goal you’ve established. A great project manager does all this and more. They provide insight and connections to other realities and challenges. They identify and mitigate issues before they happen. They are trusted advisors, providing leadership for their teams and confidence to their respective project champions. Great project managers make project work seamless and successful. ​

Barrington Consulting is full of great project managers. Most of our consulting professionals hold project management credentials and / or have extensive experience delivering complex projects. Engage the Barrington team to support you through the project lifecycle,  with portfolio management, and Project Management Office (PMO) design.

Strategy & Advisory Services

What will tomorrow look like for your organization? What about next year? What about 5 years from now? It’s been said that ‘the best way to predict the future is to create it’ (P. Drucker) and our experienced team of strategists and advisors can help you define and create the future that you want for your organization. ​

​At Barrington Consulting, we help organizations successfully navigate through their most complex issues. We can apply advanced facilitation techniques to help co-create strategic solutions and build relationships. We can apply our expertise in jurisdictional scanning and best practices research to help you understand the competition and define the art of the possible. We can engage other Barrington core skill sets to help you action and deliver on your strategic priorities. Engage the Barrington Consulting team for strategy work and we can help drive through to implementation and beyond, creating the future that you want for your organization.

Change Management

In our modern world, the only thing constant is change. Every day, organizations are shifting, and learning, and growing – and changing! Are you ready? Do you have the right supports in place for your teams to be successful? What steps will you take to implement the change? Are your leaders ready to lead the change charge? ​

At Barrington Consulting, our professionals have extensive experience in change management and many of our practitioners are Prosci Change Management certified. We support leaders and their teams through the complex process of organizational evolution by listening first, strategizing second, and then providing the best change solution for your business needs and objectives. Through our change work, we seek to leave a positive mark on every organization we support.

Tech Success

When it comes to IT, we can help you create, manage, and curate the right systems that provide the best solutions for your unique goals. Our team members bring the right skills and knowledge to each engagement and can use their expertise and industry best practice to guide you to tech success! Our team regularly delivers the following IT services:​

  • - System Requirements Definition and Product Selection​
  • - Architecture and Infrastructure​
  • - Quality Assurance and System Testing​
  • - System Integration and Implementation​
  • - IT Operations and Service Delivery​
  • - Security and privacy Impact Assessments​

Process Improvement

Being asked to do more with less is a common challenge facing many organizations. Our process improvement experts can review your existing processes and help you find efficiencies that can save you time and money and help things flow more smoothly. We have many experienced Industrial Engineers and Lean Six Sigma-trained resources on the Barrington team who can bring an objective and fresh perspective to drive process improvement.​

​If you’d like to build process improvement capacity in your organization, Barrington Consulting can tailor Lean Six Sigma Training for your organization. ​

Lean Six Sigma is a proven management approach that is used around the world. Working closely with our Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, the Barrington Lean Six Sigma training program will give your staff the skills to identify and solve service and/or quality issues, retain business, improve staff morale, and increase customer satisfaction. For more information on our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training program, check out Barrington OPS.

Business Analysis

As organizations seek to optimize or excel, additional support may be needed to translate tech speak into business speak. When framing a new approach, tool, or solution, we can be the voice that connects all involved parties in a way that will ultimately lead to success across the board. Our experienced Business Analysis professionals can help you understand your options, apply streamlined processes, and define solutions for your biggest business problems. This is a core skill for Barrington Consulting and we lead the way by getting deep in the details so that you don’t have to.


Every organization has a mountain of important data that can be used to drive growth and optimization. Your data tells a story about your customers, your needs, your opportunities for improvement, and how you can set a positive trajectory for the future. Our analytics experts will work with your team to understand, mine, and present your data so that you can accelerate towards the future. We can:​

  • - Create meaningful and easy to use dashboards that provide greater insight into complex data sets​
  • - Develop data retrieval strategies and techniques for essential statistics​
  • - Configure interactive and real-time data management capabilities using powerful, state-of-the-art data analytics tools​
  • - Build capacity in your team(s) to understand how to use data to drive decision-making

Digital Services

In our modern world, having a digital experience is table stakes. Having a compelling, user-friendly, always-available solution is next level. Barrington Consulting has worked with large public-sector organizations in the region to deliver next-level, award-winning, digital solutions that have been key drivers of an improved user experience. We work with our clients to make your clients happier! We can also draw on our partners to bring further digital expertise in the area of security and information management.


In a world where digital is on the rise and information is shared and stored, there are more privacy incidents in the news now than ever. With Barrington SAFE, we work with you to safeguard against future adverse privacy events. Feel confident that your data is secure so you can focus on driving value, like running your business, and serving your clients.

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Government Services

Over the years, Barrington has delivered countless engagements for government service clients in the Atlantic Region. We live and work here and are invested in the success of our public sector – we share in the reward when our government partners are successful! We’ve used all of our core skills with our government clients, from project and change management, to strategic advisory, through to tech success services. In fact, we have delivered award-winning digital solutions to our clients that have been recognized nationally. We can help you get to the next level!

Higher Education

The Atlantic Canadian Higher Education sector has been a longstanding economic driver that is continually under pressure to do more with less, drive outcomes, and strengthen its operations. Barrington Consulting can provide the strategic and operational advisory services needed to help Colleges, universities, and related government departments feel truly supported and able to optimize, thrive, and excel. Our dedicated, local, higher education resources bring more than 35 years’ of education expertise in strategic and operational planning, facilitation, leadership development, and problem-solving to the table. We can help you get to the next level!


When it comes to health services, the gold standard is the “Quadruple Aim” – optimize care, focus on population health, promote care team well-being, and reduce costs per capita. We know this, because we’ve lived it. Our team members have been on the front line of health as clinicians and administrators and bring their lessons learned, deep understanding, and valued insights to our clients everyday.

At Barrington, we do this work because we believe in it. We lead CIS implementations, clinical and administrative process improvement, and change management at the unit, facility or system-wide level. Our team will guide and support you to achieve health transformation that makes a difference. We can help you get to the next level!

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Driver & Vehicle Services

Barrington is one of the few consulting firms that has deep expertise in driver and vehicle services. We have worked in multiple jurisdictions across Canada and internationally to help our clients achieve their road safety objectives through operational excellence. Our fit-for-purpose solutions include driver licensing, vehicle registration, driver record management, medical assessments and management, driver testing and scheduling, International Registration Plan, transaction point of sale, and audit. We can help you get to the next level!

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Intelligent Transportation Systems

In a constantly evolving marketplace, Barrington is out in front, leading the way with emerging technologies. We have applied our focus on strategic modernization and created an intelligent transportation systems (ITS) service line that has taken regional and national transportation clients to the next level. By delivering ITS planning, operational analysis, and business systems implementation services we have helped our clients achieve system-wide improvements that have driven cost savings and greater efficiency. We are very proud of this service offering – we can help you chart your future and help you get there!

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