Ryan Donovan joined Barrington Consulting in 2012 as a Senior Consultant in the Halifax office.  Ryan’s specialty is energizing project teams and providing alternate perspectives and thorough analysis to complex problems.  From early in his career, Ryan worked in the educational, telecommunications, e-commerce and health care industries and has had the opportunity to expand to government services work after joining Barrington Consulting.  Ryan delivered projects for Service Nova Scotia including the rollout of a life event bundling solution where multiple government parties bundled their services into one transaction for citizens. Ryan immediately learned the technical tools chosen for the projects and put in place detailed plans for all of the team members to iteratively deliver on the project goals. Ryan is a delivery lead at Barrington Consulting and delivers projects on time and on budget.

From a technical perspective, Ryan serves in a breadth of roles at Barrington Consulting from detailed coding to enterprise architecture design and, from a management perspective, everything from executive presentations to career planning mentorship for junior consultants.
Ryan earned his Bachelor of Computer Science in 2001 and his Bachelor of Science with Honours in 2000.

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