A team that is ready is safe

In a world where digital is on the rise and information is shared and stored, there are more privacy incidents in the news now than ever. In 2017, the average cost of a privacy breach in Canada was nearly $6M, not including the cost of lost time, lost future business, and lost employee morale.

That’s a big financial risk to take. Instead, be sure that you are protected by taking the time and energy to get out in front – get ready!

With Barrington SAFE, we work with you to safeguard against future adverse privacy events. Feel confident that your data is secure so you can focus on driving value, like running your business, and serving your clients.

Our experts can help you get ready

The Barrington SAFE team offers the following services to give you peace of mind that you are protected against current and future risks. Pursuing all four dimensions is the most comprehensive way to stay secure.

Privacy Office

Privacy Office

To formalize your internal privacy structure & processes


  • Review your existing privacy roles & responsibilities
  • Establish / mature existing POs
  • Meet your project teams where they are at and identify ways to embed privacy into current workflows and operations
  • Seamlessly incorporate privacy knowledge transfer
  • Create policies that match your operations
Technology Risk
Technology Risk

Technology Risk

Technology Risk

To get ahead of issues posed by emerging technologies


  • Work with you to evaluate new technologies
  • Identify privacy during tech design & implementation
  • Provide a privacy lens to your vendor selection process
  • Communicate technical needs in layman’s terms
  • Identify mitigation strategies personalized for your business
  • Create a thorough technical risk assessment(**)
  • **We work with Bulletproof Technologies Inc. to offer Threat Risk Assessments
Impact Assessment

Impact Assessment

To prioritize & address project & program risks


  • Identify current privacy & risk gaps
  • Create & implement detailed strategies to close identified gaps
  • Identify mitigations and roles that work for you and your project team
  • Assess all possible angles for risk
  • Identify appropriate legislation for your business or organization
Privacy Advisory

Privacy Advisory

To grow your internal capacity & protect against potential risks


  • Forecast future threats
  • Provide education & training
  • Coach & mentor your staff
  • Assess your current policies and provide feedback
  • Create internal and external facing privacy policies
  • Assess existing MOUs and vendor contracts

Why now?

The world is changing and privacy considerations are too. New technologies are more far reaching and quickly evolving, and we may not fully understand how data is being collected, used, or stored. Organizations are stewards of data and must protect privacy. We can help.

What to do about it?

Choose any or all of our Barrington SAFE services to be certain that you are ready and your data is protected. We can work with or for you to identify risks, make recommendations to close gaps, and grow your internal privacy and risk capacity.

What to expect?

As your privacy partner, we help you sleep at night. We will meet you where you are to identify opportunities to safeguard your data and systems and to secure your information assets, employees, and stakeholders.

You've had a breach. Now what?

If you experience a breach, our team will help you contain the breach, evaluate the risks, and connect you to the experts you need to remediate the issue.

Our Barrington SAFE offerings will make your organization even more secure, limiting the risk of future privacy issues.

We are the local privacy experts

  • 60+ PIAs for NS clients
  • Highly credentialed CIPP/C, CIPT, CBCP, Privacy by Design
  • Sector privacy SMEs in Health, Education, Transit, Public Sector, Start-ups
  • Cyber security partnership with Bulletproof Solutions

Let’s work together

Are you a leader who:

  • Is responsible for personal information?
  • Implements new technology?
  • Wants to create a culture of privacy?

If so, let’s talk! Get in touch with us to explore how Barrington SAFE can help you get to the next level.


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