Motor Vehicle & Driver Licensing Solution (MVDLS)

Enabling unparalleled operational management control for Driver and Vehicle Administrators

Our team has developed a comprehensive solution allowing a DMV to realize the operational benefits of fully integrating the traditionally disparate systems used within their organization.  It is architected to support optimized business processes that reduce the volume of customers and length of time at the front-line service counters.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Reduces front-line staff operational demand – Revamped operational business processes allow customers to complete more of the process before reaching the service counter, reducing the volume of customers at the service counter and reducing the time at the counter for those that require it.
  • Reduces transaction time and errors – Offers 360-degree automation and key transactions are started right from opening the dashboard screen.
  • Modern, modular COTS architecture – Allows use as a stand-alone driver licensing solution or fully integrated driver licensing and vehicle registration solution.
  • Supports SaaS delivery – Architected to easily allow administration through a Software as a Service (SaaS) model or an on-premise solution.
  • Enhances access to data – World class Business Intelligence Engine allows non-technical staff to easily search on any combinations of data in your database in real time, without needing an IT resource to develop a Report.
  • Reduces vendor / contract management requirements – The MVDLS integrates traditionally disparate systems required to effectively operate a DMV into one solution, requiring only one vendor and contract to manage, and opening opportunities for greater overall program cost effectiveness.
  • Reduces training time – Offers an intuitive, user-friendly design with logic built into the solution.
  • Highly configurable and scalable – Built upon a flexible architecture to allow easier and more cost-effective modifications as business processes, policies, and jurisdictional laws evolve.
  • Pending and voidable transactions – Allows a transaction to be started, then subsequently voided, or saved and completed later, making operational life a lot easier.

The Core MVDLS Functionality

MVDLS is an integrated system modernization software solution for driver licence and vehicle registration services. It is a highly configurable, service-based solution uniquely designed with government vision, objectives, and priorities at the core.

  • Vehicle Management – Manages a central repository of vehicle information that is designed to capture the unique characteristics of various types of vehicles.
  • Vehicle Safety Management – Records the events related to the certified safety status of a vehicle and tracks the safety status locally.
  • IRP and Fleet Management – Offers a capability to manage a collection of vehicles as a single operating unit.
  • Reporting and Analytics – Produces PDF, Excel and HTML documents from system generated data XML data sources.
  • Inventory Management – Manages business events concerned with the issuance of drivers’ licences and qualified drivers.
  • Financial Management – Offers options for financial resource management.
  • Driver Testing – Records a detailed summary of driver education, assessments or any demonstrated competency that is relevant to a driver meeting the necessary requirements to hold a licence.
  • Driver Safety – Provides driver competence, compliance, and medical fitness records to identify and mitigate high risk drivers and their impact on the general public.
  • Driver Compliance – Manages the processing and recording of driver non-compliance events.
  • Driver/Client Management – Records all information concerning the main driver business objective and implements business activities concerning the driver.

Enhanced MVDLS provides comprehensive DMV operations management opportunities

The enhanced MVDLS provides DMVs with the ability to integrate previously disparate systems enabling unparalleled business process and operational management improvements.  The enhanced MVDLS will allow for greater program effectiveness, while at the same time improve the customer experience.

  • e-Forms – Traditional reliance on paper applications and scanning can be reduced through efficient utilization of electronic forms that can easily be appended to the transaction records for future retrieval.
  • Queue Management – The integrated queue management capabilities allow a DMV to accurately understand how long customers wait, combining the wait from when they take a number for service with the time it takes to perform their requested transactions.
  • Document Verification – Enhanced MVDLS allows for the legitimacy of supporting documentation to be validated either at a self-service station or a service counter, reducing erroneous transactions.
  • Scanning & Retrieval – Integrated scanning and retrieval functionality allows supporting documents to be scanned at either a self-service station or service counter and attach to the transaction record for easy retrieval in the future.
  • e-Testing – Driver Licence knowledge testing can be completed on self-service stations, automatically scored and reported upon, and automatically updated in the driving records within the core solution to support expedited driver licence production transactions.
  • Print on Demand – Enhanced MVDLS allows for the production of controlled inventory (like Vehicle Permits and Validation Stickers) at self-service stations or service counters, allowing for reduced inventory management requirements and third-party printing costs.
  • Self enrollment – Modern kiosk and tablet technology combined with effective biometric verification allows for safe, efficient diversion of resource effort from staff to the customers, positively impacting service times.