Continuous Process Re-engineering 

It’s time to restore the heart of healthcare

Healthcare is complex. It requires many different people delivering many types of care, service, and support with the ultimate goal of improving quality of life for citizens. This is the heart of healthcare.

Keeping the heart of healthcare beating means that you and your teams are able to focus on what’s truly important – driving health outcomes for patients.  

With Barrington CPR, we work with you to apply our continuous process re-engineering to your activities, your projects, and your overall outlook, to allow you to focus on the big stuff. Barrington CPR helps you help others, keeping the heart of healthcare beating strong.

Optimized processes drive efficient care

Every patient interaction is an opportunity to drive value and reduce waste. At Barrington, we can apply our process excellence expertise to help you do just that!

We can be there every step of the way on your journey to becoming a Lean health organization through:

  • Process re-design Creating processes that are efficient, productive, and make way for true value
  • Lean project management Applying Lean best practices to deliver projects that are streamlined and efficient
  • Lean portfolio management Managing a full program of initiatives to allow for continuous improvement
  • Lean training Building capacity within your organization to apply lean methods and tools to continuously improve from within


Building your capacity to apply Lean methods and tools to drive improvement


Working with internal and external partners to optimize your processes


Helping you achieve and report on your process successes and improved outcomes

From sick care to healthcare

Why now?

Delivering healthcare costs more than ever. Populations are rapidly aging and nearly 50% of all care costs occur in the last six months of life. As the draw on resources increases, the situation becomes more critical – it is a ‘do or die’ point.

What to do about it?

Choose any or all of our CPR Services to advance your vision of becoming a Lean Health Organization. We can work with you or for you to create optimized processes that lead to effective care.

What to expect?

Optimized processes drive efficiency and help achieve value-based outcomes. Efficient care allows the best use of resources, improved patient satisfaction, engaged and empowered employees and clinicians, and improved quality of life for citizens.

Patients are at the centre of the healthcare system; they are the reason why the system exists. For the Barrington CPR team, we understand the critical role they play.

Patient engagement is non-negotiable.

Every process improvement is an opportunity to make a patient improvement.

We use our high-energy facilitation techniques to:

  • Connect
  • Listen
  • Understand

Clinical Change

Our team has real clinical experience – this sets us apart from other players in the field. We know how to best manage process changes in health settings which will set you up for success.

Process Design

Our Industrial Engineers and Lean Black Belts are experts in their field. They apply their process knowledge and health experience to deeply understand, and design your processes.


Real Engagement

We are certified Appreciative Inquiry facilitators. We can apply this engagement technique to quickly and meaningfully engage all stakeholders to set the vision for the future.

Let’s work together

Are you a health leader who is:

  • Implementing a new technology?
  • Using a new CIS / app / health technology?
  • Looking for efficiencies?
  • Motivated to increase productivity?
  • Onboarding new team members?

If so, let’s talk! Get in touch with us to explore how Barrington CPR can help you get to the next level