Service Nova Scotia is focused on making it easier for businesses and citizens to interact with government. A new digital service would allow businesses to apply for and renew licences, permits, and registrations in one place in addition to enabling citizens to complete transactions and finding information in a streamlined manner. A related service would enable the online registration of citizen birth and death records. The objectives of the new service are to reduce paper use and data entry, reduce service delivery costs, and provide more user-friendly information when applying for licences and permits. The service will allow citizens and businesses to manage their affairs online across many government departments. The service will integrate with several information management systems and will be designed to function even if these are eventually replaced

Project Details

Client: Service Nova Scotia

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia


Barrington Consulting was contracted to design, build, and support a secure web-based system for licences and permits; this involved:

  • Engaging staff in several government units to gather business and system requirements;
  • Developing a high level system design and architecture
  • Identifying hardware, software, security, and network requirements;l
  • Working with corporate IT to develop interfaces between the information systems;
  • Developing a web application and user front-end;
  • Developing training documentation and detailed technical documentation;
  • Creating a program secretariat to oversee the projects and provide recommendations on governance;
  • Developing Digital Operating Model to enable onboarding additional programs and services; and,
  • Providing ongoing support and maintenance.


Barrington has been continuously engaged on this project since 2011, providing integrated program management, individual project management, requirements analysis, system architecture and design, assessments of the required systems and technologies, and assisting in the delivery of the online service by developing the application from off-the-shelf tools. This service currently permits over 100 licenses and permits to be applied for and renewed online. The birth and death record registration system is used to record over 96% of births and 80% of deaths that occur in Nova Scotia, freeing up considerable time for Vital Statistics staff to handle complicated transactions and furnish population information to decision-makers. The feedback for the new services has been positive, with the Birth and Death registration system winning a “Bonjour” award for excellence in French-language service delivery, and the Premier taking a keen interest in the new license and permit system.

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