The Drug Information System (DIS) is an important component of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) architecture and one of the key core clinical components of the Electronic Health Record (EHR). The DIS will contain comprehensive data concerning a patient’s medication history. The objective of the DIS is to ensure patient safety by reducing and/or eliminating adverse events caused by drug-to-drug interactions, drug/disease contraindications, duplicate therapies and certain types of medication errors. In addition, the system provides health care professionals with data to support appropriate and accurate prescribing and dispensing, thereby avoiding adverse drug interactions and possible related deaths.

Project Details

Client: Department of Health and Wellness

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia


Barrington Consulting was contracted to resource the Lead Technical Analyst (TA), Privacy Lead, and Test and Conformance Lead for the project.
The Lead Technical Architect was responsible for the overall architecture of the DIS solution as well as ensuring it is properly integrated within the existing NS Electronic Health Record (EHR) components and meets the business needs of the organization while complying with Canada Health Infoway (CHI) standards.

The Privacy Lead was responsible for the development of all privacy/legislation related deliverables ensuring compliance with applicable legislation, regulations and policies.

The Test and Conformance Lead is responsible for testing of the DIS functions, vendor conformance to specifications and the integrity of interfaces with the DIS. This role is also responsible for the development of automated test scripts in HP Service Test, to test the Functional requirements as detailed in the DIS Process Functions.

The Test and Conformance Lead utilizes Hewlett Packard (HP) Application Life Cycle (ALM) / Quality Center (QC) tools, including HP Service Test, to develop the test scripts that simulate the HL7v3 message exchange between pharmacy management systems and the DIS.


Barrington has been continuously engaged on this project since 2011. The DIS will be implemented in three streams:

  • Stream 1 (Community) Pharmacy: Implementation with community pharmacies and the dispensing physician to transmit dispenses and medication related data to the DIS and to access the DIS patient medication profiles using their Pharmacy Point of Service (POS) Systems;
  • Stream 2 Hospitals and Community Prescribers: Implementation with hospitals and community prescribers to provide access to DIS patient medication profiles, support medication reconciliation and e-Prescribing using the SHARE Clinical Portal / DIS Portal.
  • Stream 3 EMR: Implementation with physicians to provide access to DIS patient medication profiles and support e-Prescribing using their provincial Electronic Medical Record EMR system.

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