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Case Management System Implementation

Case management is an important aspect of the delivery of many health care services providing information for clinical and strategic decision making.

Our client wanted to update an aging case management system, including system architecture, business requirements, and alignment with current IM/IT vision for their organization.

The Barrington Consulting Group provided a team of skilled consultants to work in partnership with our client to develop:

  • overall project management requirements
  • gap analysis
  • technical IT infrastructure design
  • change management planning
  • detailed planning for the implementation phase
  • oversight of vendor development
  • managing the testing of the new application

Client Information System Implementation


The demand for information in healthcare is rapidly growing. Information is needed to aid in both clinical and strategic decisions.

The Barrington Consulting Group, in the roles of Project Manager and Business Analyst, led a project to implement a new client information system to satisfy demands for information.

Barrington delivered, over several phases, a customized software system to meet the information requirements of our client. This involved the design, development and testing of a customized tool and the implementation of the new system.

The desired result: A transition for healthcare staff from a paper-based forms environment to a browser-based information system on their desktops.


Enterprise Point of Sale (POS) Implementation

This project was initiated to modernize our clients' POS processes and technology to make it easier and less costly to provide products and services.

The Barrington Consulting Group acted as the implementation partner, performing overall project management, business process analysis and design, technical IT infrastructure design, application configuration, user training and deployment activities.

The implementation of the new POS system helped our client achieve a number of business objectives, including:

  • A quick and easy means of adding new products and services
  • Improved financial reporting
  • Elimination of multiple cash drawers as additional services are offered
  • Standardized and automated reconciliation processes
  • Elimination of multiple data input across multiple systems

Mainframe Modernization

Our client undertook a Mainframe Modernization project to migrate two major applications to a modern, less expensive and more easily supported platform. The modernization of the applications was  completed in the spring of 2008 when the existing mainframe environment was retired.

The Barrington Consulting Group served as the implementation partner for this initiative and was responsible for:

  • Implementation of a Project Management Office (PMO) and ongoing project management services
  • Development of the technical blueprint and implementation of the infrastructure and environment defined in the blueprint
  • Assessment and rationalization of business process changes resulting from the implementation of the modernized applications
  • Quality control and application testing
  • Migration of data from the legacy environment to the modernized environment
  • Support of the business representatives in developing training materials and conduct of user training
  • Implementation planning and deployment of the modernized applications in over twenty sites

The modernization of these applications helped our client achieve their business objectives, specifically:

  • Improved management and statistical reporting
  • Improved enhancement capability
  • Improved security tracking and audit capabilities
  • Improved data sharing
  • Enterprise use of common solutions
  • Improved capability to provide application support

Security Assessment

Our clients' business demands places security as a top priority.

The Barrington Consulting Group undertook a full review of our client's current IT infrastructure and systems for security weaknesses.

We provided a full security assessment to ensure a comprehensive and thorough review and analysis and proactive recommendations for improvements.

The assessment included:

  • a review of external, internal, and password systems
  • a review of business processes surrounding collection and management of data

We delivered a fully documented report that provided an objective analysis of the current situation, with actionable recommendations for security-enhancing measures.