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Healthcare Services

When it comes to health services, we believe the gold standard is the “Triple Aim” – improve care, improve population health, and reduce costs per capita. Barrington’s professionals have engaged in numerous planning, analyses, and implementation projects spanning the entire healthcare spectrum; including significant work with the Nova Scotia’s Primary Healthcare Information Management (PHIM), Drug Information, and the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems. We utilize our depth of knowledge in the health field to provide strategic and tactical insights to solve the many complexities faced by the healthcare industry

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Private Sector & Public Sector

All of Barrington Consulting’s service offerings are available to both public and private sector organizations and their client teams. Our technical, strategic, and practical expertise, combined with our client-first mentality is the perfect combination to achieve your business goals and get the results you need. Our approach is not just to “do” but also teach – meaning effective knowledge transfer that ensures continued success long after the final deliverables are met.

Our extensive background working for public sector government agencies has resulted in a wealth of knowledge and experiences that allows us to successfully apply our services to help reach and align their strategic and operational goals. We know that expectations from government departments grow but their budgets tend to stay the same; we pride ourselves on our flexibility and adaptability when working with departments, helping to identify and achieve operational efficiencies to mitigate any resource constraints.

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Driver and Vehicle Services

Barrington has extensive experience working in the driver licensing and vehicle registration industry, with an established history partnering with government driver and vehicle program administrators on projects ranging from motor vehicle legislative frameworks, system modernizations, process improvements, policy development, and service model design – we deliver fit for purpose solutions that include: driver licensing, vehicle registration, driver record management, medical assessments and management, driver testing and scheduling, International Registration Plan, transaction point of sale and audit..
Our work helps clients achieve road safety objectives, while optimizing internal processes to offer effective and efficient service models, improving the overall client experience and customer satisfaction.

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Government Registries

Our professionals are seen as an authority and recognized as thought-leaders in the government registry sector. Our reputation is built on years of in-depth experience providing progressive solutions to a wide range of departmental registries including; citizen, business, land, drivers, and motor vehicles.

We have successfully undergone complex initiatives for clients throughout various levels of the Nova Scotia Provincial Government as well as other Canadian and 13 international groups. Our work portfolio includes; engagement sessions involving the establishment of government strategy, development of streamlined legislation and regulatory frameworks, design and implementation of improved business processes as well as the development of effective organizational structures and service delivery models.

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Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

In a constantly evolving marketplace, Barrington always embraces emerging technologies and stays ahead of the curve. One such area is within the public transportation and transit sector which has seen significant change over recent years. By keeping up with innovations employed across the globe, we’ve become regional leaders in both planning and implementing ITS solutions. Through merging business and industry experience with modern innovation, we help transit organizations navigate through the complex technology options now available; including services such as, scheduling, Computer Aided Design (CAD)/Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), Automated Fare Collection (AFC), digital signage, dispatch, yard management, and traveler information.