Barrington DVS Services

A holistic approach to program and service modernization for Driver and Vehicle Administrators in the Government sector

The need for an integrated service solution

Government Driver and Vehicle Administrators have historically been challenged with large volumes of in-person customer traffic within an environment of heavy and ever-changing regulatory burden. Most jurisdictions have been at or over operational capacity for many years.  Although arguably counter-intuitive, this has prevented most jurisdictions from investing effort into re-engineering operational business processes and program effectiveness measures.  As a result, organizations have suffered from long lines, low customer satisfaction and poor employee morale.

Such a situation has made it difficult for Government Driver and Vehicle Administrators to improve the customer experience, while maintaining or improving program effectiveness outcomes.  Now there’s a way to achieve both!

MVDLS as component of program transformation enabling new digital services

Barrington’s experience and expertise within the industry has taught us that maximum program effectiveness and operational efficiency gains cannot be achieved through technology investment alone. Through experience with these types of projects, we have enhanced our traditional project management processes through the development of a structured methodology to guide our efforts with public-sector program and technology reform. It is based on the premise that a more holistic view of initiatives, although appearing largely Information and Communication Technology (ICT) related, leads to more effective outcomes. MVDLS is the best option for this program transformation. This integrated service solution offers jurisdictions an enhanced ability to manage and improve operational processes, while better catering to the specific needs of their customers. Through a complete end-to-end solution, MVDLS provides a strong and robust system and flexible integration capabilities that enable new government digital services, transactions, and operations to keep the organization running smoothly.

Our Unique Approach

Many solutions take existing software and customize it into a driver and vehicle solution, putting the organization in a constant state of modifications, upgrades, bug fixes, and staff training to keep up with these new features every two to three years. This creates a costly challenge for organizations looking to deliver more services.

We take a different approach. At Barrington, we understand that jurisdictions need a solution built from the perspective of a user, not a vendor. That’s why we work in partnership with our customers, designing alongside government departments, to deliver a solution that is built with specific jurisdictional objectives and priorities at the core. MVDLS has the most comprehensive driver licensing and vehicle registration functionality on the market today, with reduced costs and time investment required for typical implementation.