The main objective of this program is to support the Government of Jordan in building high quality inspection services that will lead to effective public inspections where scarce government resources would be more effectively utilized on targeted inspections based on risk assessment. The program targets 14 inspectorates covering different inspection areas such as public health, public safety, labour, environment, occupational safety & health, food, etc. There were multiple systems being used by the various inspectorates with no ability to share information within, which would help improve compliance and service.

Project Details

Client: World Bank Group – International Finance Corporation

Location: Amman, Jordan


Barrington Consulting, alongside a local partner, was contracted to design a secure, shared, web-based system for inspection operations in line with international best practices to be used by the inspectorates, this involved:

  • Engaging with the 14 inspectorates to gather common requirements and processes;
  • Developing a high level inspection system design;
  • Developing a high level design of a single business repository integrating with the inspection system;
  • Identifying hardware, software, security, and network requirements;
  • Developing procurement documentation for the development of the solution including project planning and costing;and,
  • Identifying required staffing levels and service delivery model.


The International Finance Corporation was fully prepared to support the Government of Jordan by using the deliverables developed to procure a vendor for the development of the Integrated Inspection Management System. The design helped limit the unknowns that exist in large complex projects and mitigated project risks, which could lead to higher costs and longer timelines. Once implemented, the expected impact of the program is to increase private sector compliance, increase efficiency and effectiveness of the enterprises and reduce uncertainty on private enterprises thus increasing private sector competitiveness while safeguarding the public good.

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