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Business Analysis

Many organizations struggle with too much to do and too little time. The Barrington Consulting Group can help you strategically focus your activities and streamline your processes to better meet your business goals.

We appreciate the unique challenges of every organization, but also know the typical hurdles and pitfalls. We can help you through every aspect of the business analysis spectrum:

  • facilitating workshops and interviews
  • developing requirements
  • conducting and analyzing research
  • documenting business design and process
  • performing situation and gap analysis

Talk to us about how we can help you with your business analysis needs.

Business Process Transformation

Real change isn't easy. But the results of change – improved performance, greater efficiency and deeper workplace satisfaction - far outweigh the effort to get there.

The Barrington Consulting Group's approach to defining or redefining business processes makes it  simple, clear and efficient.  And more importantly, we help make changes that stem intuitively from the organization's needs and goals, not from a text book on a shelf.

We start by conducting a business analysis to review current functions, activities and processes.

Then, we incorporate our findings and best practices to design business processes that will support your organization's transformation. We make action-oriented recommendations that are aligned with your mission, vision and values.

We can also help with the important step of implementing the recommendations, including the implementation of required technology and organization-wide communication.

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Good group meetings can be inspiring.

Activities are well-defined and well-managed. And teams are drawn closer together as goals are clearly articulated and contributions are encouraged.

The Barrington Consulting Group knows the value of a good group meeting. We've developed an approach to facilitating that will help our clients make the most of their time and efforts.

We work with our clients to understand their objectives, key issues and the group dynamic.  We tailor our approach to the needs of the group, and select the most appropriate participation methods and formats to deliver the desired results.

Talk to us about how we can facilitate your next meeting.

Feasibility Studies and Business Case Development

Major changes, process improvements or technology upgrades are often encouraged for the sake of 'bettering' an organization. But smart teams investigate further to fully understand the impacts of a decision through a feasibility study or a business case before they commit resources to a project.

The Barrington Consulting Group's approach to these two highly valuable business planning processes is built on experience, best practices and pragmatism.

Our feasibility studies and the more in-depth business case allow an objective and holistic view of the business problem or opportunity. Our thorough, objective analysis brings clarity and peace of mind to our clients - who know they can confidently act, based on facts, not hunches.

Talk to us about how we can bring clarity to your next business problem or opportunity.

Governance and Organizational Design

The Barrington Consulting Group can help you become more effective through Governance and Organizational Design.

We have experience in governance and organization design for a variety of sectors, enabling us to provide solutions for internal and external governance that are best suited to your organization.

We offer:

  • in-depth analysis of your current organizational structure
  • plans for optimal transformation that are realistic in scope and implementation
  • HR support to help you determine how the positions within your structure can best be defined to reach your organizational goals
  • governance practices and policies to strengthen and augment your current processes

Talk to us about how we can help you with your Governance and Organizational issues.

Portfolio and Project Management

Business success is simple. You do the right things, right.

But with all the things your organization could be doing, determining the 'right' things is not always easy.

The Barrington Consulting Group can help you create your optimum portfolio of projects by guiding you through an objective system of analysis to determine how programs and projects align with your organization's overall strategy and direction.

We can help you:

  • put a structure or program in place
  • manage your portfolio of projects by integrating methodologies and best practices
  • increase communication and visibility of your projects
  • promote successful project execution among all project sponsors and stakeholders

Talk to us about how we can help you design and manage your organization's projects.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is essential to success. Organizations that ignore it can flounder, despite hard work and busy people.

But how do you tackle such an important and influential initiative?

The Barrington Consulting Group can help you with your strategic planning needs. We will work with you to address strategic challenges, opportunities and a variety of issues such as:

  • Corporate strategy
  • IT strategy
  • Creating a vision, mission and values
  • Service delivery and support optimization
  • Measuring and managing performance
  • Operational and tactical planning

Our Consultants, who include Certified Management Consultants, bring vast experience in a wide range of sectors to help you get the most out of your planning process. Their facilitation skills make group sessions effective and successful, drawing participation and input from all key players.

You will not only build a great plan, but a great organization.

Talk to us about how we can help with your Strategic Planning needs.