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As a consultant at Barrington, I believe that the quality work that we aspire to deliver to our clients cannot solely be an individual pursuit.  Each consultant is part of a team of skilled resources with integrity that you can depend on.  It is this environment that enables Barrington to attract and retain true professionals to the betterment of our clients.

Adam Curry
Senior Consultant


Our approach is simple - we are committed to our clients' success.

Our philosophy is rooted in the fact that our leadership is actively involved in the daily activities of client projects.

Our consultants

We highly value client input, and have proven methods to ensure that client input is integrated throughout the whole project.  Your insight and experience with your organization is essential to our understanding of the challenges you face. We believe that the consultant-client relationship is only as strong as the efforts that are made to deliver a project together.

We strive for open communication and transparency.  You can always see what we’re doing and how we’re doing it. We believe this transparency adds value to you and your team.

Finally, we think an important part of the end result is the journey to get there.

If you think this approach would complement your organizational culture, please contact us.